Subject RE: [IBO] Package Build Errors
Author Alan McDonald
> Delphi is finding some **_D7 (.bpl and/or .dcp) in its run-time path that
> shouldn't be there.

When you compile IBO40CRT.dpk in D7 , you get IBO40CRT_D7.bpl in the
Project/BPL directory.

> I suggest studying the Delphi help and googling for info about building
> with runtime packages. It will tell you a whole lot more about
> the subject
> than I'll ever know. I *never* use runtime packages to build
> executables. There's just too darned much that can blow up in your face.
> Helen

Delphi help is not much good on this subject.. Just thought someone would
know what packages are OK to ship separately for IBO.