Subject IB Objects and Midas
Author ggroper

I'm trying to evaluate some controls to use with D2005 and Firebird
for a future application.

I'm planning on a DataSnap/Midas app and testing a simple app with D7
pro for now before development with D2005. All the data components are
in the same data module. The data displays correctly from a grid
attached to a ClientDataSet.

I was able to get and ADO, dbExpress, and IB components to work, but I
get an error message when trying to use an IBODatabase connection with
an IBOQuery. I downloaded yesterday a fresh demo set of the IBO
Components and get the same error.

When I post a CDS.ApplyUpdates(-1) I get the error "Record not found
or changed by another user". I set the persistant data field flags of
the IBOQuery the same as in the other component's queries. I'm using
upWhereKeyOnly and set the field flag pfinKey to True for the Primary
Key and the rest to False.

Are there some special parameters that I need to set in these IBO
components to use DataSnap.