Subject TIB_Cursor question
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

I use IBObjects vers. 4.3A.
I use it with D5.

Somewhere in my code I use a TIB_Cursor to locate a specific record.
Once located I use the result data.

Now....Some of my users has created a field in a table, where they
have to type in something. A few users don't want to type in anything
and therefore type i.e. 4 blanks (ASCII 32).
The field is saved as this.

BUT when it is retrieved with a TIB_Cursor, it is retrieved as an
aempty string instead of a string containing 4 spaces.
The same happens if I create a field value like 27*Space**Space*
This will be retrieved without lead trailing spaces.

If I use a TIBOQuery, there is no problem.

Is this what the TIB_Cursor are supposed to do ?