Subject RE: [IBO] Replication component
Author Alan McDonald
> Has anyone used the IBO replication component? I looked at it a
> while back
> when I first got IBO, but didn't purchase it (don't think I
> really needed it
> at the time, but it looked kinda cool).
> I want to give my customers more redudancy and a lesser down time
> in case a
> FB server goes down. Our typical setting is probably about 3-4
> workstations
> (some as large as 15, 20, even 35) and a local server computer
> that runs FB
> Database and credit card processing software service as well.
> I thought it would be nice if I could replicate the main database
> to one or
> more work stations in the background so that if the connection
> becomes lost
> (server down), we can show the users a list of available servers
> to connect
> to until main server becomes available. At that point, I would want to
> replicate the latest changes in the temp db to the main db when it comes
> online.
> Feasible with the IBO replication?
> Any hints, gotchas, etc?
> Lee

Check out the website for other replication tools.
If you've already created your DBs with non integer primary keys you may
have already made life difficult for some replication tools. ANd it also
depends on your use of unique constraints, if they exist, which are other
than your primary keys. Replication becomes difficult here also.
PS - theres a simple free one at