Subject Replication component
Author Lee Jenkins
Has anyone used the IBO replication component? I looked at it a while back
when I first got IBO, but didn't purchase it (don't think I really needed it
at the time, but it looked kinda cool).

I want to give my customers more redudancy and a lesser down time in case a
FB server goes down. Our typical setting is probably about 3-4 workstations
(some as large as 15, 20, even 35) and a local server computer that runs FB
Database and credit card processing software service as well.

I thought it would be nice if I could replicate the main database to one or
more work stations in the background so that if the connection becomes lost
(server down), we can show the users a list of available servers to connect
to until main server becomes available. At that point, I would want to
replicate the latest changes in the temp db to the main db when it comes

Feasible with the IBO replication?

Any hints, gotchas, etc?