Subject Re: [IBO] howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author Michael Fung
--- In, "mircostange" <mirco@i...> wrote:
> Perhaps someone could answer my first questions, although not
> directly related to IBO:
> How to create database, how to put data into it?
> I haven't found a client (e.g. IBSQL, IBExpert, ...) that supports
> Unicode, so currently I cannot even do any tests.

I installed the TNT controls this weekend and tested with IBO4.3Aa
and FB1.5.
I created a table with varchar fields of Unicode_FSS charset. I
managed to read and write unicode text data with the database;
editing traditional chinese and simplified chinese at the same time
in one TntEdit control! I used the
IB_Query.FieldByName('AField').asWideString to retrieve and save the
Text property of TntEdit.

However, when I tried to print the data with FastReport 2.5, the text
data became garbage. I have yet to find an Unicode reporting tool.
Any suggestion?