Subject howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author mircostange
Not sure where to start.
I have an app that is based on D5 and runs pretty fine. Now I would
like to move to unicode support.

Perhaps someone can give me a step by step intro how to get there.

- what do I need to do when creating the database (is CharSet
UNICODE_FSS or NONE appropriate)?
- do I need to do anything specific when creating tables?

- what client can I use to put some unicode text into the db?
I tried IBSQL, but either it doesn't do the job or I didn't do
it right. What are the steps?

I am willing to move to D7 and the latest IBO version if necessairy.

- what do I need to do in D7/IBO in order to have a form with
editboxes, etc, that contain unicode chars?

Any help will be appreciated.