Subject Re: [IBO] howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author Daniel Rail

At August 20, 2004, 15:54, mircostange wrote:

> Not sure where to start.
> I have an app that is based on D5 and runs pretty fine. Now I would
> like to move to unicode support.

> Perhaps someone can give me a step by step intro how to get there.

> - what do I need to do when creating the database (is CharSet
> UNICODE_FSS or NONE appropriate)?
> - do I need to do anything specific when creating tables?

> - what client can I use to put some unicode text into the db?
> I tried IBSQL, but either it doesn't do the job or I didn't do
> it right. What are the steps?

> I am willing to move to D7 and the latest IBO version if necessairy.

> - what do I need to do in D7/IBO in order to have a form with
> editboxes, etc, that contain unicode chars?

Have you read Delphi's help on Unicode Characters? BTW, what's in
D5's help is almost the same as in D7. Delphi's VCL still uses single
byte characters, and Unicode is multiple bytes.

And, why do you want UNICODE_FSS? If you will only be using European
characters(i.e.: accents), then maybe you should look at the ISO8859
character sets.

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