Subject Re: [IBO] howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author Constantijn Wolfs
Daniel Rail wrote:

>At August 20, 2004, 15:54, mircostange wrote:
> > Not sure where to start.
> > I have an app that is based on D5 and runs pretty fine. Now I would
> > like to move to unicode support.
I had the same idea some weeks ago!

> > Perhaps someone can give me a step by step intro how to get there.
I've recently posted this question in Fb-Support ng and this list
(twice), without any answer whatsoever.
It seems that unicode is still not a topic.

> > - what do I need to do when creating the database (is CharSet
> > UNICODE_FSS or NONE appropriate)?
> > - do I need to do anything specific when creating tables?
COLLATION is lost when you don't store as UNICODE_FSS.

> > - what client can I use to put some unicode text into the db?
> > I tried IBSQL, but either it doesn't do the job or I didn't do
> > it right. What are the steps?
Free TNT controls are terrific, but in my expirience you loose a lot of
performance. I use a lot of lookupcombo's in my app and even in ANSI
performance degraded significantly.
I read that Mike Lischke and Allan Casteran have donated the
AsWideString support to Jason. However, as far as I can see it is not
implemented yet. And also
it looks to me not a simple thing to do. Take for instance ParamCheck
which must always be set to false because Delphi will convert to ANSI

> > I am willing to move to D7 and the latest IBO version if necessairy.
I decided to wait how Borland picks up unicode seriously.

> > - what do I need to do in D7/IBO in order to have a form with
> > editboxes, etc, that contain unicode chars?
In D7 at least W2K and for instance Arial Unicode MS installed. You
could turn to ADO
for a unicode data-access layer. The TNT LX component set contains ADO
table-, query-
and dataset-components.

>Have you read Delphi's help on Unicode Characters? BTW, what's in
>D5's help is almost the same as in D7. Delphi's VCL still uses single
>byte characters, and Unicode is multiple bytes.
Aren't you curious how Borland takes on unicode in D9 or D10 or D11 or ...?

>And, why do you want UNICODE_FSS? If you will only be using European
>characters(i.e.: accents), then maybe you should look at the ISO8859
>character sets.
We don't specifically want UNICODE_FSS (3 bytes? Why?); we want *unicode*.
I read that Chinese is the favorate food among Firebird gurus. That's a
good starter, because
it not takes long before we all speak Chinese. I'm really looking
forward to that!

Looking forward to a comment of Jason on this unicode subject.