Subject Re: [IBO] howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author Daniel Rail

At August 22, 2004, 13:50, Constantijn Wolfs wrote:

> Daniel Rail wrote:

>>I don't know where you heard/read that!
> If I recollect well, the menu on the Fb Conference was:
> Day 1: Chinese;
> Day 2: Chinese;
> Day 3: Chinese;
> Day 4....
> and of course considarable amount of firebeer.

> All I wanted to say is: ideographic languages like Chinese will be of
> comparable importance as English in world business sooner than
> later.

No argument there. The proper support for Unicode has always been a
topic for FB development, but before there wasn't anybody that really
knew how to effectively develop the character sets and collations.
And, there is another character set that supports simplified
chinese(GB_2312). But, having the proper support of UTF-32 will be
even better and will give more flexibility for the supported
characters. But, there seems to be a trade-off: performance. Don't ask
me how much(I don't think it will be noticeable), and that's just by
following the latest discussion on the subject in Firebird-devel.

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