Subject Insert has really to "Fetch All Rows"?
Author consultor_cys
It is my second post with the same question.

My tables are fetching all rows when I post a TIBOQuery. But it only
occurs when I'm inserting in with it using:


In your "Getting Started" I've read:

"Setting Filters: The TIB_Dataset and its descendants (including the
TIBODataset) implements filters very well. Whether the dataset has
FetchAllRows True (i.e. all rows are in the client buffer) or not
(rows matching filter criteria are fetched on demand), re-setting
filter criteria can be as simple as passing a parameter or reading a
value from a control."

But I could not find the property FetchAllRows, I *really* need to
disable this feature or to discover a workaround.

Is there a way to solve that?

Thank you!