Subject RE: [IBO] dssSearch and after: dssInsert -> dssPost -> dssPrepared
Author Jason Wharton
You have to Open the dataset prior to going into Insert mode if you want the
dataset to go into browse mode after posting the insert.

Also, it seems to me it should end up back in dssSearch state rather than
dssPrepared. Will you confirm this?

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] dssSearch and after: dssInsert -> dssPost -> dssPrepared

When I have a table in way dssSearch and i make an IB_Query.Insert,
soon after IB_Query.Post and IB_Transaction.CommitRetaining the table
enters in the way dssPrepared. Does some exist sorts things out of
changing that, does with what doing the table enter in the way
dssBrowse after that operation?

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