Subject [IBO] Re: How to maintain coherence between 2 databases
Author Mihai Chezan
--- In, "henry FRANQUET" <h.franquet@t...>
> first, thanks for your answers
> --- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> > So--the "best strategy with IBObjects" would be to set up an
> > application-independent replication service using the IBO simple
> > replication components.
> Some explanation about my application, needs and fears!
> ...
From what i've read, your requiremets are too much for ibo replication
I think you will need to implement you sollution or to find some
replication tools that fulfill all your requirements.
For replication applications check
IBRep -

> a) what about generators ? I have tables wich primary key is a
> generator and there are referential constraints on that primary key.
> When updatating server database I have to change all the fields
> using the local value of the generator with the server value. Worse,
> for statistics purpose, in a few case, I have the generator's value
> without having referential constraint (I need only to know that the
> owner of the record is different and I don't matter who it is, so I
> have no referential constraint in order to delete the owner when it
> is of no more use)
you could try to set the generator for server at 1 and for the laptop
db at 100000000
this way the pk's generated using the generator won't collide.

> e) last, as server updating is automatised with replication, what
> about dual updating ? I mean on a local database a field has been
> updated and the same field has been updated with another value on
> the server side. I would like the end-user to say which value is the
> good one (as it should seldom occurs)
Conflict resolution. Both products support that.