Subject Re: How to maintain coherence between 2 databases
Author henry FRANQUET
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> > > So--the "best strategy with IBObjects" would be to set up an
> > > application-independent replication service using the IBO
> > > replication components.
> >
> > Some explanation about my application, needs and fears!
> > ...
> From what i've read, your requiremets are too much for ibo
> tools.
I agree and have had a glance to replication tools : ibphoenix
ibreplicator have too high fees and I am studying 2Plus ibreplicator

Netherless, I wonder if IBORPL could not be a good idea even if it
doesn't fullfill all of my needs.
1) for saving source database data modifications
2) once after updating server database with a hand made
application, to create a subset of the server database (with
selected end-user records) to replace the laptop database

> -- snip --
> you could try to set the generator for server at 1 and for the
> db at 100000000
> this way the pk's generated using the generator won't collide.
As some generators are not hidden from the end-user (they use it as
an alternative key to alphanumeric key) I need a coherence among
values and can't use sets of values