Subject [IBO] IBO 4.3 - IB-6 - Win98
Dear Friends
I finished my application from BDE/Pdox to IB6 with IBO 4.3 (still not
IB-6.01 (the same available in Borland Site) installed in Windows 2000
Server or XP Professional, all works very well, but in Win98 not.

My Database connection:
DatabaseSilojaw.Username := 'SYSDBA';
DatabaseSilojaw.Password := 'masterkey';
DatabaseSilojaw.CharSet := 'WIN1252';
DatabaseSilojaw.Server := 'server';
DatabaseSilojaw.Protocol := 'cpLocal';

When IB and GDB in 2000Server, the connection is Ok.
But, when IB6 installed in Win98 (name of computer is SERVER, too), with
the same connection parameters, can´t connect.
The messages:
ISC ERROR CODE:335544721
Unable to complete a network to host 'server'
Unable to complete a connection.

I change protocol to cpTCP_IP (and cpNETBEUI), without success.
The Win98 computer can accept \\server\silojaw, when working with

Of course, I need to instal this app in Win98, for some very small

Thanks in advance.
Hércules Russano
HRsoft Informática - São Gonçalo - RJ - Brasil
(0xx21) 2601-3970 - 3246-2342 <>

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