Subject RE: [IBO] System Cannot Find File
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:09 PM 27/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>That install of Firebird installs the client. I haven't checked
>to see that the versions match. But would a install put
>different version of Client/Server. This is a new install,
>and I did check to make sure that the fbClient.dll and the
>gds32.dll where present in the win32 directory. They are
>and they match in size but not version.

fbclient.dll being in win32 won't help with IBO unless you do the necessary
things to make the IBO application load fbclient.dll instead of gds32.dll.

IBO loads gds32.dll. So if it's the wrong gds32.dll, the server will
refuse the connection under most conditions. In conditions where it does
accept a "bad" client connection, other nasty things are likely to happen
inside the application.

>And match the size
>of the fbClient.dll in the fb/bin directory.

Don't go by a size match. Version string is what matters.

>I wouldn't mind it not being accessable from other computers
>if it would work on this computer. It is a notebook that a
>salesperson is going to be carrying --- other computers will
>not be accessing it -- except for me to do maintance. I got
>the same results when I tried with the embeded server, also.

With the embedded server, it's the correct response. Once one connection
is made to embedded, no other connections are possible. That's what
"embedded" is. If you need multiple concurrent attachments to a database,
use the full server.