Subject Updating a dbGrid/dataset fast
Author Clive Walden
Using TIBOQuery and a DBGrid my users can update a field so that it no longer meets the query

The query itself is slow.

Unfortunately, I can not find a quick way to remove the row from the grid/dataset.

Adding a filter has two problems.
1. It does not work unless I do a:
Filtered := False;
Filtered := True;
(Not a big deal in itself)

2. It is very slow (about 3 seconds) so I think it must be re-querying the server.

I tried Dataset.RefreshRowNum(Dataset.RecNo) and that did nothing.

Advice would be gratefully received.

BTW: This is a major conversion from a Paradox application which is why I am (still) using the VCL
compatible components.

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