Subject Installation problem - Nag screen
Author sgharp
Hi All,

I'm having trouble getting rid of the nag screen used by the un-
registered version (4x). Here are the steps I took to install.

1. downloaded registered version from the download section of
2. removed packages from Delphi 7 pallett
3. renamed old IBO installation folder
4. created new IBO folder
5. un-zipIBO_4_3_A.Zip and IBO_4_3_Aa.Zip into new IBO folder
6. deleted all old IBO*.BPL files from C:\Program
7. opened IOB40_D7.bpg and did a build all
8. right clicked all design time packages and installed

I had no errors with any of this.

Since the installation, I've built a project using the new stuff and
then, after closing Delphi, I still get the nag screen when running
the application.

What could I have missed?

Thanks for any help,