Subject Master Detail in IBO
Author robert_p_levy

I had fully functioning master-detail links set up and now they don't
work. 2 things have changed though I don't see what is causing the
problem. The 2 things that have changed are:
#1. I'm now using Firebird instead of Interbase 6.
#2. I installed the newest edition of interbase objects.
After making these 2 changes the master-detail links cause the
following error: Invalid Variant Operation.

This is the same error that would result if there were undefined
parameters in an IBO query, but that is not the case here, using
tables. I am using an IBO table as the detail. The master table is
an infopower table connecting to an IBM As/400 (this connection is
fine btw).

If I understand correctly, a master detail relationship requires only:
a. reference to the master datasource
b. reference to the master data field as in "CMCUS=CMCUS"
c. keylinks not auto-defined but set to the linking field "CMCUS"

Thanks in advance,