Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Can't see buttons on TIB_UpdateBar
Author Joe Martinez
>Since all of the button bars are similar, do you get the same problem
>with any other then navigate - which I see you say is OK?

I've tried all of theTIB_ bars, and TIB_UpdateBar is the ONLY one with this

>Are the 'buttons' working - i.e. only the Glyphs are missing?

The buttons are completely invisible. You don't see the buttons at all,
not even the outlines. If you run the mouse pointer over them, you can see
the outline of each button temporarily, but the glyphs never appear. The
buttons DO work, though. You can click them, and the desired action
occurs. Provided you get lucky and click in the right place, that is :)

>Can you drop a copy of IBO4.2Gc on the new machine and try again?

I'm really trying to avoid that. The main reason for switching to a new
development machine was so that I wouldn't have to figure out all the
installing and resinstalling of IBO business.