Subject RE: [IBO] Unavailable Database
Author Helen Borrie

At 10:22 PM 7/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>I have the EasySoft ODBC driver installed and have created a DSN that has
>been tested and works.
>I am trying to read data from a FireBird database using this ODBC
> >From your earlier reply I gather that I should use tQuery and tDatabase. I
>have dropped those components onto my data access form. I realize that setup
>is incomplete. Have entered username and password as parameters. Not sure
>what properties of tDataBase need to be set for ODBC connection. Which
>property receives the ODBC DSN? I have tried DataBaseName and Alias, and
>receive the following error:
>Read failure. [Easysoft][InterBase]I/O error for file (dd:\app path), Error
>while trying to open file, Access is denied. Alias: (name)

This is the IBO list. I believe Easysoft has a user newsgroup: try their
website. They probably have a DSN setup HowTo there as well.