Subject RE: [IBO] Unavailable Database
Author Jack Cane
I have the EasySoft ODBC driver installed and have created a DSN that has
been tested and works.

I am trying to read data from a FireBird database using this ODBC

From your earlier reply I gather that I should use tQuery and tDatabase. I
have dropped those components onto my data access form. I realize that setup
is incomplete. Have entered username and password as parameters. Not sure
what properties of tDataBase need to be set for ODBC connection. Which
property receives the ODBC DSN? I have tried DataBaseName and Alias, and
receive the following error:

Read failure. [Easysoft][InterBase]I/O error for file (dd:\app path), Error
while trying to open file, Access is denied. Alias: (name)


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Subject: RE: [IBO] Unavailable Database

At 09:40 PM 7/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>At 05:29 PM 7/07/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >My app uses tIboSql connected to tIboDatbase which hooks to an ODBC
> >connection. I tested the app on my local machine and it returns data.
> >
> >Upon deployment to a LAN-connected machine, I logged on and successfully
> >checked ODBC on the second machine. However, when sending a SQL query,
> >response is "Unavailable Database"
> >
> >What else can be causing this error? Any ideas appreciated.
>Don't try to mix IBO with ODBC. They are two distinctly different access
> >>> Not sure what type of tDataBase descendent I should be using. What
>component would you recommend?

If you're using IBO, use TIBODatabase and the IBO data access components.

If you're using ODBC, use the VCL TDatabase and data access components with
a suitable ODBC driver.

Provide a description of what you want to do.


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