Subject Re: [IBO] why does my project need legacy support?
Author petesouthwest
Hi Helen

I have read the docs, its just that I dont always understand them or
how they apply to what I am doing! I'm working for a very small
company and I am teaching myself as I go. I have programmed in delphi
for the past 7 years and before that I programmed in C, assembler and
Pascal. The later 2 were the only ones I have been taught, the rest I
picked up by using them, reading books, and playing. The app I am
converting on works fine with paradox for stand alone machines, but
it too slow over a network, a lot of people have suggested that I
should use firebird and thats what I'm doing. Unfortunatly, i have
never delt with a client server database before so it is all new and
rather confusing.... hence the apparant 'stupid' questions.

Anyway appologies for the daft questions, and thank you very much for
taking the time to answer them for me! :)

Have a good day

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 03:22 PM 7/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >I am in the process of converting a paradox app to firebird using
> >and IBO components. I have now got the stage of looking at how the
> >install should work. It seemed easiest to use the merge modules
> >from : However, when I tried
> >the setup i get an error message about gds32.dll being missing. On
> >playing with the original setup I noticed that it included a
> >for gds32.dll support for legacy ect etc. Why does my project that
> >uses IBO and IB components need this? What am I missing?
> The name of the Fb 1.5 client is fbclient.dll and it is located in
the \bin
> directory of your Fb 1.5 installation. Borland-derived components
(IBO and
> IBX) by default expect the client to be named gds32.dll and to be
> in the system directory.
> You can select the compatibility option to have the installer build
> version of fbclient.dll as "gds32.dll" and install it in the system
> directory. IBX won't work with Fb 1.5 at all without doing this,
> it needs a different version string to be present. In the case of
IBO, it
> is sufficient to make a copy of fbclient.dll, rename it to
gds32.dll and
> place it in the system directory.
> It's also possible to have IBO find "fbclient.dll" in its default
> location. See my post about it within the last few hours, under
> "fbclient.dll".
> From your postings here and elsewhere, it seems you haven't read
the Fb
> 1.5 release notes or the README files in the Firebird \doc
> Helen