Subject TIB_DateTimePicker Selecting time
Author bamber12001
Hi all,

I have been struggling to get the DateTimePicker component to work
properly. I can use it to store/edit dates fine, but I am unable to
get it to work for times.

My database stores the date and time in one field (of type
TimeStamp), but I have also tried separating it into two separate
fields (of types Date and Time) to no avail.

My query fetches the date and time into a field which is then used
as the datasource/datafield set in the TIB_DateTimePicker. I have
two such components on my form, one set to Kind=dtkDate (which
works) and the other to Kind=dtkTime (which doesn't!).

I have been unable to find any help on this by searching this forum
and the internet as a whole. I have also not found any mention in
the Getting Stared with IBObjects guide.

Can anyone explain (with an example if possible!) how this component
is meant to be used, or point me to some documentation?