Subject Re: TIB_DateTimePicker Selecting time
Author bamber12001
--- In, "bamber12001" <Gary@S...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been struggling to get the DateTimePicker component to work
> properly. I can use it to store/edit dates fine, but I am unable
> get it to work for times.
> My database stores the date and time in one field (of type
> TimeStamp), but I have also tried separating it into two separate
> fields (of types Date and Time) to no avail.
> My query fetches the date and time into a field which is then used
> as the datasource/datafield set in the TIB_DateTimePicker. I have
> two such components on my form, one set to Kind=dtkDate (which
> works) and the other to Kind=dtkTime (which doesn't!).
> I have been unable to find any help on this by searching this
> and the internet as a whole. I have also not found any mention in
> the Getting Stared with IBObjects guide.
> Can anyone explain (with an example if possible!) how this
> is meant to be used, or point me to some documentation?
> Thanks,
> Gary.

Having now looked at the source for this component (in
IBC_DateTimePicker.INT), I can see that it is not fully implemented.

Can anyone suggest a good (IBO aware) component to use instead?