Subject Re: [IBO] please help a beginer! ;) How do i make a simple app?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:44 AM 29/06/2004 +0000, Pete wrote:
>I have created a simple firbird database file and I am now trying to
>connect to it with a delphi app. I cant seem to see any basic idiots
>guide style tutorials on this so i'm working in the dark. I have
>added a IB_Connection which i have connected and can make active.
>However, i have then added a IBOTable linked to this connection.
>However I cant seem to make these components connect to the
>IB_Datasourse or IB_Grid.
>I have noticed that the IB_query does provide a dataset for the
>datasource component, where the IBOQuery doesnt.

Correct; IBO consists of two suites of components, not just one.

>Seems like there is two types of components the IBO set and the IB
>set. What is the difference?

The TIBO* components provide a data access layer that is compatible with
the VCL's TDatasource and controls.

The TIB_* components - "native IBO" - provide a complete data access
architecture that has no roots in the VCL's data access. The
TIB_Datasource belongs to this suite and links TIB_* data access components
to "native" TIB_* controls.

The TIBO* data access doesn't work with the TIB_Datasource and the
TIB_Controls. Likewise, the TIB_* data access won't work with the VCL
TDatasource and controls.

>I will soon be trying to convert an app that was originally written
>using paradox and ttables. Should I be looking at changing all the
>ttables to queries?

Definitely. The TIBO* suite (aka "TDataset-compatible") does have a
TIBOTable for compatibility during conversion but a table component is
totally unsuitable for client/server systems like Firebird. It was
designed for Paradox, dBase, Access, etc., i.e. file-based data stores.

>Should I be using the IBO or IB set of data?

You *can* make "hybrid" applications and make use of TIB_Cursor and
TIB_DSQL for non-visual stuff. The BDE components don't have any
equivalent to them but they often come in useful for many tasks.

But - don't start there. Stick with the "iboTDataset" palette, using
TIBODatabase and all. Start with a straight conversion of your old app,
just as an exercise. You'll find you'll need to make drastic changes to
your database structure when converting the data side of things from
Paradox to an SQL client/server model, so your initial conversion will be
something of a double-whammy. If you are unfamiliar with the DBMS and its
needs, you really need to get on top of that first to understand the extra
power (and consequent extra complexity) of the native TIB_* stuff.

>Sorry for a such a confused set of questions!

My advice is - don't try to run before you can walk!! Be prepared to be
mystified from time to time - we've all been there - use resources, ask
questions. Keep your Firebird-specific questions to the firebird-support
list and ask your application questions here.