Subject Re: [IBO] please help a beginer! ;) How do i make a simple app?
Author Daniel Rail

At June 29, 2004, 08:44, petesouthwest wrote:

> I have created a simple firbird database file and I am now trying to
> connect to it with a delphi app. I cant seem to see any basic idiots
> guide style tutorials on this so i'm working in the dark. I have
> added a IB_Connection which i have connected and can make active.
> However, i have then added a IBOTable linked to this connection.
> However I cant seem to make these components connect to the
> IB_Datasourse or IB_Grid.

> I have noticed that the IB_query does provide a dataset for the
> datasource component, where the IBOQuery doesnt.

> Seems like there is two types of components the IBO set and the IB
> set. What is the difference?

TIBOTable and TIBOQuery are TDataset descendants. What that means is
that you can use Delphi's TDatasource and data-aware components, also
any other third-party component.

TIB_Query is NOT a TDataset descendant, so you can't use Delphi's
data-aware components. It uses TIB_Datasource and the TIB_* visual

> I will soon be trying to convert an app that was originally written
> using paradox and ttables. Should I be looking at changing all the
> ttables to queries?

My recommendation is yes change TTable to TIBOQuery. But, you can
also perform that gradually, by migrating your application from TTable
to TIBOTable, as a start. Then gradually change TIBOTable to
TIBOQuery. And, if some are there just to read data and is not
connected to a data-aware control, you could use TIB_Cursor, since it
has less overhead.

> Should I be using the IBO or IB set of data?

Since the application has been developed with Delphi's data-aware
components, use TIBOTable and TIBOQuery. Otherwise, you'll have to
change all the visual components, if you want to use TIB_Query.

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