Subject please help a beginer! ;) How do i make a simple app?
Author petesouthwest

I have created a simple firbird database file and I am now trying to
connect to it with a delphi app. I cant seem to see any basic idiots
guide style tutorials on this so i'm working in the dark. I have
added a IB_Connection which i have connected and can make active.
However, i have then added a IBOTable linked to this connection.
However I cant seem to make these components connect to the
IB_Datasourse or IB_Grid.

I have noticed that the IB_query does provide a dataset for the
datasource component, where the IBOQuery doesnt.

Seems like there is two types of components the IBO set and the IB
set. What is the difference?

I will soon be trying to convert an app that was originally written
using paradox and ttables. Should I be looking at changing all the
ttables to queries? Should I be using the IBO or IB set of data?

Sorry for a such a confused set of questions!