Subject RE: [IBO] Absolute unique value/generator/SP problem
Author Helen Borrie

At 06:51 AM 22/06/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks Paul, GeneratorLinks is a bit too automatic for me as the field gets
>initialized with a "temporary" order number (incase the user cancels the
>order, don't want to use up an order nbr).
>I didn't have a clue about the method qryOH.Gen_ID. This is great to know
>and does make the code MUCH cleaner.
>(I'm sure I missing some other good things in TIB_Query).

You didn't show us the whole of your SP, either. It kind of tailed off
with "other

Were you under the impression that you could "roll back" the assignment of
a generator from a SP? Cos you can't: you can decrement the generator and
cause horrible things to, errrm, duplicate values...?!?!?!

IBO's GenID() function does exactly what the bits of your SP that you
showed us do, except there is no need to check conditions, of course. So,
if your SP only does what you showed us, then you don't need it for your
IBO apps. OTOH, it might be needed by someone else writing an app in a
less Firebird-friendly dev environment than IBO - that would be the only
justification for keeping it.