Subject RE: [IBO] Absolute unique value/generator/SP problem
Author Kevin Stanton
Thanks Paul, GeneratorLinks is a bit too automatic for me as the field gets
initialized with a "temporary" order number (incase the user cancels the
order, don't want to use up an order nbr).

I didn't have a clue about the method qryOH.Gen_ID. This is great to know
and does make the code MUCH cleaner.
(I'm sure I missing some other good things in TIB_Query).


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Absolute unique value/generator/SP problem

Hi Kevin,

- If GeneratorLinks is too automatic for you, you can also get the
value like this (in GetPermOrderNo):

qryOH.FieldByName('OrderNo').AsString :=
qryOH.Gen_ID('GEN_ORDERNO', 1);

Still no need for qryGetID or sp_get_nextid.

Your code will become much cleaner like this. If you still get
duplicate values, the cause will be easier to track down. But you

Paul Vinkenoog

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