Subject Re: [IBO] i use cptcp_ip and set the server property ...right?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:37 AM 21/06/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>i just set the protocol property to cptcp_ip and specify the appropriate
>server property for the tib_connection component ... right?
>i'm guessing once that connection is established i can send sql
>statements to the database so i am all set .... is this correct?

Theoretically, yes.

>it doesnt matter if it is being hosted at . i
>still can connect to the db from delphi using ibo components
>and dont need to worry about using python.
>let me know if this is correct please.

Let's say python-hosting has the firebird server running on a server node
with the domain name Your database (jmac.fdb) is
on the same server (of course!) in a directory called /data/jimThen your
IBO settings would be:
Protocol: cpTCP_IP
Path: /data/jim/jmac.fdb

Using isql or ib_sql, alternatively your connection path would be:

Assuming the SYSDBA at python-hosting allows you to use the aliasing
feature of Firebird 1.5, then you would ask him to make an entry in
aliases.conf, as follows:

jimsdb = /data/jim/jmac.fdb

Then, your connection string for isql, ib_sql, etc. would be:

and (for your application) the Path setting would be


OK, so I said "theoretically". Remember that a client/server database
system is designed to run on a 100 Mbps. Naturally, a client will notice a
significant difference in responsiveness using a 56 Kbps dialup modem...

Were you planning to run a web application? Presumably, yes. Here's where
you will come to grief with Delphi Personal edition, since it doesn't have
the Web support, which leaves you with web scripting (Python, presumably).

You can write a multi-tier app in Delphi without Delphi's web stuff - thin
Delphi clients that communicate with an IBO app that you have running on
the server. There are various components around for this. A good place to
go is Shiv Kumar's site at He has various models
running there, including "N-tier Applications and Zero configuration thin
Clients", using IBO and Francois Piette's Midware components (these are now
open source, in Project JEDI). Shiv has heaps of documentation there at
the matlus site.