Subject RE: [IBO] i use cptcp_ip and set the server property ...right?
Author jim mcnamara
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Sent: Monday, June 21, 2004 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] i use cptcp_ip and set the server property ...right?

You can write a multi-tier app in Delphi without Delphi's web stuff -
Delphi clients that communicate with an IBO app that you have running on

the server. There are various components around for this. A good place
go is Shiv Kumar's site at He has various models

running there, including "N-tier Applications and Zero configuration
Clients", using IBO and Francois Piette's Midware components (these are
open source, in Project JEDI). Shiv has heaps of documentation there at

the matlus site.


Hi helen-
I tracked down francois piettes midware components and attempted to
the problem I ran into was I don't have bdertl and dbrtl with my version
of delphi
7 personal. it looked interesting. I am just tinkering though. I was
going to
look at a sample app and see if I could figure it out. I had
momemntarily forgot about dial up speed.
I am getting cable internet centric (it is a nice feeling). Maybe I
need pro version to
run this middleware software.

Am I correct that I would have had the application server on my machine
had this worked and the
thin clients would have accessed this application server and I wouldn't
need to have a web host

Well it was certainly interesting to think about anyways. My project
can get changed or
scrapped. I am only a beginner hobby programmer anyways. I will use
what is available and be
happy with that :-)

thank you very much,