Subject Re: [IBO] tib_script
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi rudi_josic,

> if not FileExists(ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'mydb.gdb')
> then IB_Script1.Execute;

> but it raise an exception : "exception class : EIB_ISCError with
> message 'ISC ERROR CODE : 335544569
> dynamic sql error
> sql error code = -204
> table unknown
> dml
> at line 1 column 18'
> the database is created but empty.

Without seeing your script it's hard to tell, but I suspect that you
didn't commit after creating the table, and then when you tried to
manipulate it, it wasn't visible yet. Do you have "SET AUTODDL ON" or
"SET AUTO ON" at the start of your script? Or, alternatively, do you
have a "COMMIT" after the statement that creates the table? Or, more
alternatively, do you have your transaction's ServerAutoCommit set to

The reason that it does work in IB_SQL may be that you have
"AutoCommit" or "Server AutoCommit" on there.

Paul Vinkenoog