Subject R: [IBO] Does TDecisionCube work with IBO?
Author Marco Lauria
As Far As I Remember
TDecisionCube works only with BDE.
But there are many articles around one on BDN and one appeared I think on "The Delphi Magazine" in which you will find how to modify TDecisionCube sources in order to use them with any TDataset compatible class.

Da: Joe Martinez [mailto:joe@...]
Inviato: domenica 20 giugno 2004 12.15
A: IB Objects
Oggetto: [IBO] Does TDecisionCube work with IBO?

I'm attempting to use TDecisionCube (that comes with BCPPB4 Enterprise) in
my app, using IBO with TIBOQuery.  I can get it to look like it's
working.  It makes nice pretty graphs, but the data is just wrong.

Has anyone here tried using TDecicionCube, either successfully or
unsuccessfully?  Anything in particular that needs to be done to make it
work correctly?