Subject Re: [IBO] delphi 7 personal -packages
Author Helen Borrie
Paul, Jim,

At 12:25 PM 14/06/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Jim,
> > can someone help get me started with this quote...
> >
> > "Don't attempt to install any package which REQUIRES Delphi packages
> > that your edition does not have."
> > to verify what packages i need i just launch the packaged editor and
> > look at my dpk files and look under the required folder to see what
> > packages i need...right? Then i search to see that a bpl file
> > exists in the bpl directory that matches the requires folder listed
> > in the package editor.
>If you have the Personal edition, you cannot install the *W* and *X*
>packages. The easiest method is:
>- Open the project group.
>- Remove all projects with W and/or X in their names.
>- Build/install the remaining projects from top to bottom. Choose
> "build" for the RT_ projects, "install" for the others (DT_, RPL_,
> FTS_).
>You may have to remove more projects from the group if you didn't buy
>a license for them.
All of this is probably correct, except the last statement.

The packages in the bpg's don't use anything but Delphi and IBO, e.g. the
Infopower components aren't installed in the group.

No IBO licensing prevents you from *installing* everything that your Delphi
edition supports. The Trustware licence only prevents you (on your own
honour) from deploying commercial or in-house apps that use components you
didn't buy licensing for. There is nothing built into IBO that will kick
your butt if you cheat on the licence.

With the Delphi eval version, IBO will display a nag message if you run
*any* apps outside the IDE. Because the nag message is modal, ISAPI
modules won't work at all with the eval version. For those who want to do
ISAPI as part of their evaluation, we can send you a special link. That
won't be an issue for you, Jim, since you can't use the PE to build ISAPI
modules anyway.