Subject Re: [IBO] delphi 7 personal -packages
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Jim,

> can someone help get me started with this quote...
> "Don't attempt to install any package which REQUIRES Delphi packages
> that your edition does not have."

> to verify what packages i need i just launch the packaged editor and
> look at my dpk files and look under the required folder to see what
> packages i need...right? Then i search to see that a bpl file
> exists in the bpl directory that matches the requires folder listed
> in the package editor.

If you have the Personal edition, you cannot install the *W* and *X*
packages. The easiest method is:
- Open the project group.
- Remove all projects with W and/or X in their names.
- Build/install the remaining projects from top to bottom. Choose
"build" for the RT_ projects, "install" for the others (DT_, RPL_,

You may have to remove more projects from the group if you didn't buy
a license for them.

Paul Vinkenoog