Subject delphi 7 personal -packages
Author j_marvin333

i have identified the packages and the naming scheme for 7 (thanks
from the archive).

can someone help get me started with this quote...
"Don't attempt to install any package which REQUIRES Delphi packages
that your edition does not have."

to verify what packages i need i just launch the packaged editor and
look at my dpk files and look under the required folder to see what
packages i need...right? Then i search to see that a bpl file
exists in the bpl directory that matches the requires folder listed
in the package editor.

i will try in a couple of days. my delphi 7 personal hasnt arrived

i tried posting in the newsgroup egroups.ibobjects earlier. i dont
think my post went through which is good because i was confused.

thanks for any help,