Subject Re: [IBO] select view crashes a remote Firebird Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:55 PM 31/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I have modified the view, and it fails again.
>I have uploaded the new database to:

I'm still using the original database (I need to get to bed and this
download is a bit chunky for my very low bandwidth connection...)

Anyway, running the EXE I can reproduce the problem at the third hit on the
"Test" button. The server crashes and the log reports:

DEV (Server) Tue Jun 01 01:09:05 2004
Access violation.
The code attempted to access a virtual
address without privilege to do so.
This exception will cause the Firebird server
to terminate abnormally.

OK, now, I eliminated all possibility of local connect. I made the
identical app in Delphi, with the corrected view, and had the same problems.

Then I replaced the IBOQuery comps with IB_Cursors and got an AV in the
client this time, relating to the Default transaction.

Next, I dropped an IB_Transaction down and used that instead of the Default
Transaction. No more server crashing: so that eliminates a server-side bug
I might have suspected with the caching of the view.

I still don't know the exact cause. Clients shouldn't be able to crash the
server; but an IBO client with IBOQuery comps in this testcase apparently

It's very late here (early? 2:40 a.m.) but tomorrow I'll prepare a demo for
Jason to look at. I'll also check behaviour if I use IB_Query instead of