Subject [IBO] Re: Auto create edits in the form... is it possible? Bingo!
Author clatu_earth
--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> > But with the IBO40EDT_C5, no component has been reported as been
> > installed. Could that be the problem? In that case, how can I fix
> > it?
> Ah... good you mentioned IBO40EDT_C5, becuse that woke up my memory.
> At the time the DataSourceEditor was introduced, I tested it and
> commented on it, and I also ran into the same problem as you. In
> IBO40EDT_C5.bpk and IBO40EDT_C5.cpp, references to the
> DataSourceEditor were missing, so it wasn't built in.
> This only affected BCB5 users.
> Back then I fixed those files (version 4.2If_TEST) and sent them
> to Jason and Frank, but when I just looked at the 4.3A sources, I
> noticed the references are still not there.
> The easiest way for you to fix it is:
> 1: Open the project IBO40EDT_C5.bpk in the IDE;
> 2: Click on the "Add file to project" button (green plus sign);
> 3: Change file mask to *.pas or *.* and add IB_DataSourceEditor.pas;
> 4: Save project (bpk and cpp are now updated), rebuild and
> You don't have to rebuild the entire IBO group, just IBO40EDT.
> Good luck!
> Paul Vinkenoog

Quoting a famous movie... "Bingo! Dino DNA!!"

It worked just fine.

As you sad early in this thread "a donation by Frank Ingermann -
praised be his name :-)"

I might add, "praised be thy name, too, Paul" ;-)

Thanks Paul and also thank you Helen.