Subject Re: Auto create edits in the form... is it possible?
Author clatu_earth
> It doesn't install any components, per se; it installs the design-
> editors.
> First, open "Component...Install Packages" and check to see whether
> package "IB Objects Editors" is in the package list.
> If it is not, just close any projects, open the C5 BPG file with
> Open..Project, then right-click on the IBO40EDT_C5 package and
> Open; then right-click on it again and choose Install. That
should do it.

I've checked the packages, and the "IBO Objects Editors" are there.
But I've tried to install it again anyway, which still didn't work.

Maybe its something in the form I've installed the patch, perhaps?

I simply copied the files in the .\IBO_4_3_Aa\ dir. over
the .\IBO_4_3_A dir. and sad to replace all matching files, and then
I begin the installing procedure (acording to the docs), is that ok?