Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Auto create edits in the form... is it possible?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:39 PM 31/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> > Hmm, strange. The component has to be selected when you right-
>click or
> > double-click it. Selected = you can see the black "handles" all
>around it.
> >
> > I have no other explanation except possibly you didn't install the
> > ib_editors runtime package?
> >
>That's a good possibility, since I remember that, in all packages
>I've installed, only the IBO40EDT_C5 (which I believe is the Editors)
>haven't sad it installed anything. All other packages return messages
> The package "xyz" has been sucessfully compiled. The following
>components have been installed: Txxx, Tyyy, etc'
>But with the IBO40EDT_C5, no component has been reported as been
>installed. Could that be the problem? In that case, how can I fix it?

It doesn't install any components, per se; it installs the design-time
First, open "Component...Install Packages" and check to see whether the
package "IB Objects Editors" is in the package list.

If it is not, just close any projects, open the C5 BPG file with
Open..Project, then right-click on the IBO40EDT_C5 package and choose
Open; then right-click on it again and choose Install. That should do it.