Subject Re: Auto create edits in the form... is it possible?
Author clatu_earth
> Hmm, strange. The component has to be selected when you right-
click or
> double-click it. Selected = you can see the black "handles" all
around it.
> I have no other explanation except possibly you didn't install the
> ib_editors runtime package?

That's a good possibility, since I remember that, in all packages
I've installed, only the IBO40EDT_C5 (which I believe is the Editors)
haven't sad it installed anything. All other packages return messages
The package "xyz" has been sucessfully compiled. The following
components have been installed: Txxx, Tyyy, etc'

But with the IBO40EDT_C5, no component has been reported as been
installed. Could that be the problem? In that case, how can I fix it?

Best regards,