Subject Re: [IBO] Install problems in delphi 7
Author pierrevanwyngaard
Hi Helen

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I tried first with the default BPL and DCP output directories, (and I
have the ..\Projects\bpl directory in both Library and Browsing path).
When I did this, I could not even install the packages. It would at
that stage come up with the "library cannot be found" message.

I then tried changing the BPL and DCP output directories to C:\IBO4,
where my installation files are. I also included C:\IBO4 then into the
Library and Browsing paths. (I did this after erasing every trace of
IBO first from Delphi and from my hard drive.) I then built all
projects again, and then it allowed me to install the packages. But
now I get the "library not found" message when I close and re-open
Delphi. It doesn't make sense.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 12:35 PM 27/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >I downloaded the evaluation version of IBO4 plus the DCU package for
> >Delphi 7 and unzipped these in C:\IBO4. I then set my Library,
> >Browser, BPL output and DCP output paths all to have C:\IBO4. I also
> >ensured that I don't have any other IBO*.* files sitting anywhere on
> >my drive.
> >
> >I opened the IBO40_D7.BPG project file and selected Build All
> >Projects, which went without a hitch. I then selected all the *DT
> >packages (10 of them) and the two RTDT packages one by one from the
> >Project manager and installed them - this also worked without a hitch.
> >
> >I now have all the component palletes and can even use these
> >components. But as soon as I close Delphi 7 and reopen it, I get the
> >following messages (12 of them, one for each of the packages I
> >
> >Can't load package C:\IBO4\IBO40CDT_D7.bpl. One of the library files
> >needed to run this application cannot be found. Do you want to attempt
> >to load this package the next time a project is loaded?
> >
> >If I say YES to these questions, the palletes are still available, but
> >any components I placed inside my DataModule has disappeared.
> >
> >I have spent two days now erasing, reinstalling, reading the
> >How_to_Install.txt file, trying again ...
> >
> >Does somebody have any idea what I should be doing? I have no clue
> >what library file the application cannot find. Please help!
> Did you miss this in the installation doc?
> ======================= Installing the Packages =======================
> Don't attempt to install any package which REQUIRES Delphi packages
> your edition does not have. By default, the Project Group (BPG)
> installations will install the compiled package libraries into
> $(DELPHI)\Projects\BPL\ unless you have another path defined for
> library output. Please also make sure you add the path to the
sources and
> the libraries in the Tools, Environment Options, Library Path and
> path. Otherwise, you will be unable to compile your applications
using IBO.
> So, do you have your Delphi 7 ..\Projects\bpl directory in the path?
> is where Delphi puts the bpl and dcp files if you don't give it an
> location.
> Helen