Subject Re: [IBO] Install problems in delphi 7
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:35 PM 27/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I downloaded the evaluation version of IBO4 plus the DCU package for
>Delphi 7 and unzipped these in C:\IBO4. I then set my Library,
>Browser, BPL output and DCP output paths all to have C:\IBO4. I also
>ensured that I don't have any other IBO*.* files sitting anywhere on
>my drive.
>I opened the IBO40_D7.BPG project file and selected Build All
>Projects, which went without a hitch. I then selected all the *DT
>packages (10 of them) and the two RTDT packages one by one from the
>Project manager and installed them - this also worked without a hitch.
>I now have all the component palletes and can even use these
>components. But as soon as I close Delphi 7 and reopen it, I get the
>following messages (12 of them, one for each of the packages I installed):
>Can't load package C:\IBO4\IBO40CDT_D7.bpl. One of the library files
>needed to run this application cannot be found. Do you want to attempt
>to load this package the next time a project is loaded?
>If I say YES to these questions, the palletes are still available, but
>any components I placed inside my DataModule has disappeared.
>I have spent two days now erasing, reinstalling, reading the
>How_to_Install.txt file, trying again ...
>Does somebody have any idea what I should be doing? I have no clue
>what library file the application cannot find. Please help!

Did you miss this in the installation doc?

======================= Installing the Packages =======================
Don't attempt to install any package which REQUIRES Delphi packages that
your edition does not have. By default, the Project Group (BPG)
installations will install the compiled package libraries into
$(DELPHI)\Projects\BPL\ unless you have another path defined for compiled
library output. Please also make sure you add the path to the sources and
the libraries in the Tools, Environment Options, Library Path and Browsing
path. Otherwise, you will be unable to compile your applications using IBO.

So, do you have your Delphi 7 ..\Projects\bpl directory in the path? that
is where Delphi puts the bpl and dcp files if you don't give it an explicit