Subject Install problems in delphi 7
Author pierrevanwyngaard
I downloaded the evaluation version of IBO4 plus the DCU package for
Delphi 7 and unzipped these in C:\IBO4. I then set my Library,
Browser, BPL output and DCP output paths all to have C:\IBO4. I also
ensured that I don't have any other IBO*.* files sitting anywhere on
my drive.

I opened the IBO40_D7.BPG project file and selected Build All
Projects, which went without a hitch. I then selected all the *DT
packages (10 of them) and the two RTDT packages one by one from the
Project manager and installed them - this also worked without a hitch.

I now have all the component palletes and can even use these
components. But as soon as I close Delphi 7 and reopen it, I get the
following messages (12 of them, one for each of the packages I installed):

Can't load package C:\IBO4\IBO40CDT_D7.bpl. One of the library files
needed to run this application cannot be found. Do you want to attempt
to load this package the next time a project is loaded?

If I say YES to these questions, the palletes are still available, but
any components I placed inside my DataModule has disappeared.

I have spent two days now erasing, reinstalling, reading the
How_to_Install.txt file, trying again ...

Does somebody have any idea what I should be doing? I have no clue
what library file the application cannot find. Please help!