Subject Troubles with aliases in IBO
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

suddendly I'm no longer able to work with aliases in IBO 4.3Aa. They
worked fine with previous release candidates of Firebird 1.5 and older
versions of IBO. I'm actually using SS final and I have
generated the legacy gds32.dll in \WINDOWS\System32.

This is the snippet of the TIB_Connection taken from the .dfm file:

object Connection: TIB_Connection
DefaultTransaction = Open_Transaction
PasswordStorage = psNotSecure
SQLDialect = 3
DatabaseName = 'BLM'
Params.Strings = (
'PAGE SIZE=4096'
Left = 32
Top = 152
SavedPassword = '.JuMbLe.01.432B0639073E0E4B49'

If, at design time, I change the Connected property to True, it says
'file "" is not a valid database' (yes the file name is empty). The
Path property should be ANNIBALE:C:\SBSoftware\DB\BLM\BLM.FDB but it
is empty instead, meaning that the alias is not resolved. But it
doesn't work at run time neither.

Of course the alias is correctly defined in aliases.conf as


Any hints? Am I missing something obvious?