Subject RE: [IBO] Troubles with aliases in IBO
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> suddendly I'm no longer able to work with aliases in IBO 4.3Aa. They
> worked fine with previous release candidates of Firebird 1.5 and older
> versions of IBO. I'm actually using SS final and I have
> generated the legacy gds32.dll in \WINDOWS\System32.
> This is the snippet of the TIB_Connection taken from the .dfm file:
> object Connection: TIB_Connection
> DefaultTransaction = Open_Transaction
> PasswordStorage = psNotSecure
> SQLDialect = 3
> DatabaseName = 'BLM'
> Params.Strings = (
> 'PAGE SIZE=4096'
> Left = 32
> Top = 152
> SavedPassword = '.JuMbLe.01.432B0639073E0E4B49'
> end
> If, at design time, I change the Connected property to True, it says
> 'file "" is not a valid database' (yes the file name is empty). The
> Path property should be ANNIBALE:C:\SBSoftware\DB\BLM\BLM.FDB but it
> is empty instead, meaning that the alias is not resolved. But it
> doesn't work at run time neither.
> Of course the alias is correctly defined in aliases.conf as
> Any hints? Am I missing something obvious?

Use BLM (the alias name) as value of the TIB_Connection.Path
property. The internally used connection path should look like


then, which should work fine.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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