Subject Re: active database session
Author innoy1k
Hi Ryan,

This is great, thank you very much of your help.

If you don't mind for one more quesiton, which object provides the
exclusive access of the database? This will extremely helpful when we
start the archive process.

thanks in advance again.


--- In, "Ryan Nilsson-Harding"
<nilsson@b...> wrote:
> The TIB_Connection component has a TStrings property called Users.
> This will return a list of currently logged in users which you can
> then iterate through or display in a list box.
> e.g.
> currCon: TIB_Connection;
> lbUsers: TListBox;
> ...
> lbUsers := currCon.Users;
> But be sure to prevent other users logging in whilst performing your
> metadata update, using exclusive access
> Rgds,
> -Ryan
> --- In, "innoy1k" <duncan.chen@t...>
> > In Delphi 5, is there a way to check if there are any active
> > users via IBObject? Basically, I want to make sure there is no
> > darabase user before execute a metadata update process.
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any helps