Subject Re: active database session
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
> If you don't mind for one more quesiton, which object provides the
> exclusive access of the database? This will extremely helpful when we
> start the archive process.

Hi Duncan,
To my knowledge (which is by no way exhaustive, anyone who has clearer
info please assist)
there is no object which provides exclusive access.
Exclusive access simply means "make sure you're the only one connected"

AFAIK, there is no "sure-fire way" to get exclusive access. Just
varying degrees of trickery (for lack of a better word).

If you KNOW you are the only SYSDBA who could log in, the information
below may help.
(This is from a post I read a while ago, but ensure you read Helen
Borrie's reply to this at the bottom)

If you are determined to shutdown the db and deny access then simply:

gfix -shut -force n (n being time to wait til forced shutdown)
see also gfix -shut -tran n, gfix -shut -attach n

Do your gbak, or whatever, confident that there are no connections
(nobody but owner and sysdba can access the db) then bring it back up

gfix -online

You can only be confident that you have exclusive access if there is no
chance that you are not the only (human) user who has owner or sysdba
rights. If, for example (and I seem to recall it was the case with Fred's
deployment), many or all users log in as sysdba or owner, then there is no
way to know or guarantee that one of those "other sysdbas" who were
logged in when you did the forced shutdown are locked out. They can just
keep on chugging away - database integrity be damned.