Subject RE: [IBO] Unexpected IB_Grid behaviour on post data .. Re-Request
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Adrian,

> Really happening . believe it or not!!

I believe you! :-)

>> Which IBO version do you use?

> 4.3Ab_Test (I'm using this because having hassles all of a sudden
> with parameters, never before noticed.)

So you used another version before, and then you didn't have this
problem? Myself I use 4.2If_Test and it works fine in this respect.

[ test app: ]

> Haven't tried. Still trying to figure why this is happening. Making
> me mad for more than two weeks now!

Maybe you shouldn't dig too much in your existing application. Believe
me, I *know* how mad one can get by things like these. If you make a
dead simple test app (15 mins work) you can check if the problem still
exists. If it doesn't, you can add elements one by one until it
reappears. If, on the other hand, the test app immediately shows the
same problem, you can send me the source (or publish it somewhere) and
I'll gladly build and run it with my IBO version to see what happens.
If it works fine with my version, we'll know it's a recently
introduced IBO bug -- or maybe even a feature :-)

Paul Vinkenoog